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Congress, the Supreme Court, and Judicial Review: Testing a Constitutional Separation of Powers Model
Scholars dispute whether the Supreme Court is constrained by the threat of Congressional override of its decisions. In the context of judicial review of the constititutionality of federalExpand
Comparing Attitudinal and Strategic Accounts of Dissenting Behavior on the U.S. Courts of Appeals
Students of judicial behavior have increasingly turned to strategic accounts to understand judicial decision making. Scholarship on the Supreme Court and state high courts suggests that the decisionExpand
Evaluating Performance in State Judicial Institutions: Trust and Confidence in the Georgia Judiciary
in large part on citizens’ support for democratic institutions. Without suffi cient levels of public trust and confi dence in the political branches, for example, citizens may choose not toExpand
The Scientific Study of Judicial Activism
Claims of judicial activism are common, from both the right and the left, but they are seldom scrutinized closely. Prior tests of judicial activism have involved simply counting the number of casesExpand
Measuring Deviations from Expected Voting Patterns on Collegial Courts
Even where idiosyncratic factors such as ideology play large and consistent roles in judges' decision-making, there are always cases where the patterns of judges' votes confound our expectations. InExpand
Attorney Expertise, Litigant Success, and Judicial Decisionmaking in the U.S. Courts of Appeals
In the U.S. legal system, litigants frequently retain counsel to represent their interest in civil cases, particularly when the stakes are high. Scholarly work and anecdotal evidence suggest thatExpand
Judicial Review by the Burger and Rehnquist Courts
In this article, the authors assess various influences on U.S. Supreme Court justices' behavior in cases involving judicial review of federal, state, and local statutes. Focusing on challenges to theExpand
The Influence of Jurisprudential Considerations on Supreme Court Decisionmaking: A Study of Conflict Cases
In this study, we assess the impact of attitudinal and jurisprudential factors on the Supreme Court's resolution of intercircuit conflicts. In doing so, we depart from earlier efforts to assess theExpand