Stefania Serra

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The diversity of Botryosphaeriaceae species associated with “Botryosphaeria dieback” of grapevine was investigated in 18 vineyards in Sardinia, Italy. Lasiodiplodia isolates obtained from different woody hosts including holm oak, sweet orange and broom bush in Italy, Algeria and Tunisia were also characterized. Morphological and cultural characteristics as(More)
This paper describes a simple process of adhesive bonding between a glass lid and a SU-8 microfluidic device. The bonding is made by applying pressure, between 1.24 MPa – 3.72 MPa, and heat above the SU-8 glass transition temperature (Tg). The advantages of this process are low cost, simplicity and no need of extra adhesive material, which could block(More)
Alternative methods to animal testing are considered as promising tools to support the prediction of toxicological risks from environmental exposure. Among the alternative testing methods, the cell transformation assay (CTA) appears to be one of the most appropriate approaches to predict the carcinogenic properties of single chemicals, complex mixtures and(More)
For the identification of particles in the momentum range 0.5–2:5 GeV=c, the ALICE experiment uses a Time Of Flight array consisting of Multigap Resistive Plate Chambers (MRPC) in the form of long strips. The design of the detector elements is as follows : double stack MRPCs with glass resistive plates and 5 gas gaps of 250 mm per stack. The latest results(More)
In this work the radiation of the electromagnetic field due to partial discharges throughout the insulation spacer of Gas Insulated Switchgears is investigated. Radiation can be described in terms of resonant modes of the slot between the metallic bolts and of the parallel plate between the metallic flanges. The geometrical characteristics of the spacer,(More)
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