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Ab responses in early life are low and short-lived; therefore, induction of protective immunity requires repeated vaccinations. One of the major limitations in early-life immunity is delayed(More)
BACKGROUND Repeated immunizations with polysaccharide (PS) vaccines cause hyporesponsiveness through undefined mechanisms. We assessed the effects of a PS booster on immune responses, frequency, and(More)
Immunization with pneumococcal polysaccharides (PPS) conjugated to tetanus toxoid (TT) (Pnc-TT) elicits protective immunity in an adult murine pneumococcal infection model. To assess immunogenicity(More)
Mycobacterium bovis BCG is administered to human neonates in many countries worldwide. The objective of the study was to assess if BCG could act as an adjuvant for polysaccharide-protein conjugate(More)