Stefania Liuzzi

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This study was retrospectively performed in 574 short normal children and adolescents [328 underwent insulin tolerance test (ITT), 34 clonidine test (CLON), 64 arginine test (ARG), 19 GHRH test, 52 ITT+CLON, 30 GHRH+CLON, and 47 ITT+CLON+GHRH) in order to evaluate the effect of pubertal stage on GH response to different tests and to identify the most likely(More)
Assessing thermal comfort becomes more relevant when the aim is to maximise learning and productivity performances, as typically occurs in offices and schools. However, if, in the offices, the Fanger model well represents the thermal occupant response, then on the contrary, in schools, adaptive mechanisms significantly influence the occupants' thermal(More)
DGHR (1 peak>10 ng/ml and 1 peak<10ng/ml) during 2 different provocative tests (PT) is frequent in short children, generally not considered as classically GH-deficient (GHD). Since different provocative tests act via different mechanisms, this study aims to evaluate if this dissociation may reflect a persistent impairment of one pathway of GH stimulation.(More)
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