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Starting from the three-dimensional Newtonian and incompress-ible Navier-Stokes equations in a compliant straight vessel, we derive a reduced one-dimensional model by an averaging procedure which takes into consideration the elastic properties of the wall structure. In particular, we neglect terms of the first order with respect to the ratio between the(More)
Improving cathode materials is mandatory for next-generation Li-ion batteries. Exploring polyanion compounds with high theoretical capacity such as the lithium metal orthosilicates, Li2MSiO4 is of great importance. In particular, mixed silicates represent an advancement with practical applications. Here we present results on a rapid solid state synthesis of(More)
A system for human machine interaction is presented, that offers second language learners of Italian the possibility of assessing their competence by performing a map task, namely by guiding the a virtual follower through a map with written instructions in natural language. The underlying natural language processing algorithm is described, and the map(More)
Long cycle performance is a crucial requirement in energy storage devices. New formulations and/or improvement of " conventional " materials have been investigated in order to achieve this target. Here we explore the performance of a novel type of carbon nanospheres (CNSs) with three heteroatom co-doped (nitrogen, phosphorous and sulfur) and high specific(More)
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