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BACKGROUND Yeast strains endowed with robustness towards copper and/or enriched in intracellular Cu might find application in biotechnology processes, among others in the production of functional foods. Moreover, they can contribute to the study of human diseases related to impairments of copper metabolism. In this study, we investigated the molecular and(More)
Cell growth and proliferation require a complex series of tight-regulated and well-orchestrated events. Accordingly, proteins governing such events are evolutionary conserved, even among distant organisms. By contrast, it is more singular the case of "core functions" exerted by functional analogous proteins that are not homologous and do not share any kind(More)
The secondary structure of lipase 1 from Candida rugosa, a model system for large monomeric enzymes, has been studied by FTIR (Fourier-transform infrared) spectroscopy in water and 2H2O. The secondary structure content, determined by the analysis of the amide I band absorption through second derivative and curve fitting procedures, is in agreement with that(More)
Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors (CKIs) are key regulatory proteins of the eukaryotic cell cycle, which modulate cyclin-dependent kinase (Cdk) activity. CKIs perform their inhibitory effect by the formation of ternary complexes with a target kinase and its cognate cyclin. These regulators generally belong to the class of intrinsically disordered proteins(More)
Methanol is often employed in biocatalysis with the purpose of increasing substrates solubility or as the acyl acceptor in transesterification reactions, but inhibitory effects are observed in several cases. We have studied the influence of methanol on the catalytic activity and on the conformation of the lipase from Burkholderia glumae, which is reported(More)
Acyl aminoacyl peptidases are two-domain proteins composed by a C-terminal catalytic α/β-hydrolase domain and by an N-terminal β-propeller domain connected through a structural element that is at the N-terminus in sequence but participates in the 3D structure of the C-domain. We investigated about the structural and functional interplay between the two(More)
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