Stefania Borghini

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Spending in waste management, waste water treatment and atmospheric pollution abatement by manufactures is running at a high percent of sales and rising according to recent North American and Italian statistics. Unfortunately conventional accounting practices-developed to serve financial reporting requirements-rarely illuminate environmental costs or(More)
This article describes an investigation of the American Girl brand that provides a more complete and holistic understanding of sociocultural branding. Recent research on emotional branding, together with prior work on brands' symbolic nature and their role as relationship partners, represents a significant shift in the way marketers think about brands and(More)
The recent theoretical contribution of Golfetto (2003) has provided an enlightening perspective for an emerging practice in the business-to-business (BtoB) context: the so-called Competence-based-Communication (CBC). This approach suggests that managers should develop communication processes focusing on communicating the set of resources and capabilities(More)
An ongoing tension between new ways of achieving novel, meaningful, and connected forms of expression is permeating the practice of advertising and igniting a lively academic debate. Novelty and social connection have long been preoccupations of art worlds. In this paper, we explore the creative tensions and synergies between countercultural and commercial(More)
The financial support of Bocconi University and of its Centre of Researches on Markets and Industries (CERMES) is gratefully acknowledged. We would also like to thank Cristian Chizzoli, Francesca Golfetto, Giampaolo Proni and Michael Gibbert for support and insightful suggestions during countless discussions; and Emanuele Guido, Viviana Pedretti, Elena(More)
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