Stefania Biagini

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Whole blood for transfusion was initially collected in glass bottles, but these are fragile, heavy to transport and prone to bacterial contamination. After the Second World War, Carl Walter experimented with plastics for collection and storage of blood, and found that di-ethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) as plasticizer for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) had the most(More)
R. J. Benjamin, C. Bianco, M. Goldman, C. R. Seed, H. Yang, J. Lee, A. J. Keller, S. Wendel, S. Biagini, J. Murray, D. V. Devine, Y. Zhu, P. Turek, F. M. Moftah, R. Kullaste, J. Pillonel, B. Danic, F. Bigey, G. Folléa, E. Seifried, M. M. Mueller, C. K. Lin, R. N. Makroo, G. Grazzini, S. Pupella, C. Velati, K. Tadokoro, A. Bravo Lindoro, A. D’Artote(More)
Specific serological screening tests for Trypanosoma-cruzi-infected donors are not yet available and thus not routinely performed in North America. With the recent increase of Latin-American immigration to North America and Europe, there is a risk of transmission by blood products. In this study, we evaluated the possibility whether any of the serological(More)
OBJECTIVE Medication errors are one of the leading causes of patient harms. Medication reconciliation is a fundamental process that to be effective, it should be embraced during each single care transition. Our objectives were to investigate current medication reconciliation practices in the 2 Fondazione Toscana Gabriele Monasterio hospitals and(More)
S. Panzer, S. Engelbrecht, M. F. Cole-Sinclair, E. M. Wood, S. Wendel, S. Biagini, Z. Zhu, J.-J. Lefrère, G. Andreu, T. Zunino, J.-J. Cabaud, P. Rouger, O. Garraud, K. Janetzko, M. Müller-Steinhardt, P. van der Burg, A. Brand, P. Agarwal, T. Triyono, A. Gharehbaghian, N. Manny, O. Zelig, A. Takeshita, Y. Yonemura, H. Fujihara, K. E. Nollet, H. Ohto, K.-S.(More)
The satisfaction of the patients admitted to the bone marrow transplant unit of Careggi Hospital was evaluated by the nursing team. The aim of the evaluation was to measure the level of satisfaction for the nursing care and services and the areas of improvement. The questionnaire, with 23 questions referring to 5 areas (hotel care, Nurses' reliability,(More)