Stefania Beraldo

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INTRODUCTION The decision to offer surgical treatment for varicose veins should be based on objective evidence of venous dysfunction and not only the subjective appearance or the reported symptoms. Special tests are required to identify the sub-group of patients with functional superficial venous reflux accurately. The initial test should be simple, cheap,(More)
PURPOSE Acute compartment syndrome in patients undergoing prolonged colorectal procedures is uncommon but can have catastrophic consequences for the patient with the development of metabolic acidosis, myoglobinuric renal failure, Volkmann's contracture, limb loss, and death. The potential to produce long-term disability in a patient has important(More)
INDICATION Amongst late complications of stomas, stenosis can be difficult to treat. Repeated dilatations rarely achieve long-term resolution and re-fashioning is not always successful. Application of an existing plastic surgical technique to treat stomal stenosis is described. METHOD After marking the skin, a W-plasty is made with a number of consecutive(More)
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