Stefane Pileri

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The monoclonal antibody Ki-67, which reacts with cells in the active part of the cell cycle, was used to evaluate immunocytochemically the growth fraction in 22 primary brain neoplasms. The percentage of labelled cells reflected the histological grade of malignancy of each neoplasms. High percentage of Ki-67-positive cells were observed in one choroid(More)
Twenty-seven cases of an unusual necrotizing lymphadenitis previously described only in Japan are reported as occurring in West Germany (23 cases), Iran (1 case), Italy (1 case), Korea (1 case) and Spain (1 case). The lesion frequently develops in the cervical lymph nodes of young women. It is characterized by infiltration of the cortex and/or paracortex by(More)
In this report we analyze the morphological and immunohistochemical findings observed in 5 cases of CD30/Ki-1 positive anaplastic large cell lymphoma, a recently recognized neoplastic entity. In comparison with the Ki-1 lymphomas so far described, these cases showed a fairly large number of Reed-Sternberg-like cells, often admixed with small lymphocytes and(More)
An in situ hybrido-immunocytochemical assay, with a digoxigenin-labelled probe, was used to show the presence of cytomegalovirus DNA in both paraffin and frozen sections from tissue blocks of 5 AIDS patients. The hybridization probe was constructed by using two different DNA fragments of the repeated sequences of the CMV genome. The CMV DNA probe hybridized(More)
A case of low-grade centrocytic-like (CCL) B-cell lymphoma involving the large intestine, the regional lymph nodes and the spleen is reported. In the large intestine the lymphomatous infiltrate was restricted to sites of intense antigenic stimulation (diverticula, appendix, ileo-caecal valve) and was associated with marked plasma cell differentiation and(More)
The authors report a case of lobular endocrine neoplasia within fibroadenoma of the breast. The main pathological differences to similar cases previously described are discussed. The histochemical and ultrastructural findings suggest that, in our case, the neoplasia may be a variant of lobular carcinoma in situ.
The procedures involving the growth of cell colonies in semi-solid media, such as methyl cellulose or agar, provide a score of colony-forming-units (CFUs) by means of morphology, and allow the application of cytochemistry. However, a better characterization of the growing cells by employing monoclonal antibodies is impaired by the medium itself. Plasma clot(More)
Relapsing Polychondritis (RP) is a systemic disorder characterized by an inflammatory process involving predominantly cartilaginous structures and the cardiovascular system. Lymphadenopathy is a very uncommon finding of RP. We report on a patient affected by RP presenting with lymphadenopathy of Castleman-like type quickly responsive to corticosteroids. The(More)
Objective: The presence of isolated tumor cells in the bone marrow affects the prognosis of both esophageal cancer and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Therefore, preoperative assessment of isolated tumor cells may be useful to plan multimodality treatment. Rib segment resection at surgery provides adequate amounts of bone marrow for the detection of(More)
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