Stefana Broadbent

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This document describes the RESPECT framework for user requirements specification. The process is divided into a number of stages for gathering user requirements and developing the system concept. A range of data gathering methods are described to support the user requirements capture process. CONTACTS This guide was produced by the RESPECT project. The(More)
STEFANA BROADBENT AND FRANCESCO CARA business Last month we published two case studies by Jared Braiterman and his colleagues on the response to the increasing time pressure facing professionals involved in human–computer interaction (HCI) working with the Web. This month Stefana Broadbent and Francesco Cara at Icon Medialab discuss their approach to(More)
W hile collective intelligence is not a new phenomenon, the internet and digital media have greatly extended the possibilities of remote collective collaboration. The joint effect of a networked public, digital platform and open organisations are allowing knowledge to emerge from truly novel forms of social interaction. However, not all collective digital(More)
interviews about how people communicate , view TV, play games, use the Internet, listen to music, and inform themselves. We spend time with all the members of the household and often ask them to keep diaries of their activities. In 2005 we also started a longitudinal study with 60 households that we will follow until the end of 2008, looking at every aspect(More)
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