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concentration and lattice absorption in bulk and epitaxial silicon carbide determined using infrared ellipsometry" We have measured the dielectric function of bulk nitrogen-doped 4H and 6H SiC substrates from 700 to 4000 cm Ϫ1 using Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopic ellipsometry. Photon absorption by transverse optical phonons produces a strong(More)
Growth reactions based on a newly developed deuterium-stabilized Sn hydride [(Ph)SnD(3)] with Ge(2)H(6) produce a new family of Ge-Sn semiconductors with tunable band gaps and potential applications in high-speed, high-efficiency infrared optoelectronics. Metastable diamond-cubic films of Ge(1-x)Sn(x) alloys are created by chemical vapor deposition at 350(More)
We study the vibrational spectrum of AlN grown on Si~111!. The AlN was deposited using gas-source molecular beam epitaxy. Raman backscattering along the growth c axis and from a cleaved surface perpendicular to the wurtzite c direction allows us to determine the E2 , E2 , A1~TO!, A1~LO!, and E1~TO! phonon energies. For a 0.8-mm-thick AlN layer under a(More)
Optical properties of bulk and thin-film SrTiO 3 on Si and Pt" (2000). We have studied the optical properties ͑complex dielectric function͒ of bulk SrTiO 3 and thin films on Si and Pt using spectroscopic ellipsometry over a very broad spectral range, starting at 0.03 eV ͓using Fourier transform infrared ͑FTIR͒ ellipsometry͔ to 8.7 eV. In the bulk crystals,(More)
Phase-filling singularities in the optical response function of highly doped (>10^{19}  cm^{-3}) germanium are theoretically predicted and experimentally confirmed using spectroscopic ellipsometry. Contrary to direct-gap semiconductors, which display the well-known Burstein-Moss phenomenology upon doping, the critical point in the joint density of(More)
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