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In many power electronic applications galvanic isolating IGBT/MOSFET drivers are advantageously used. The main reasons are safety issues, driving high voltage power semiconductors with blocking voltages of typically 600 V or above and avoiding or minimizing unwanted ground current loops. This paper deals with a new method for achieving galvanic isolation in(More)
—The paper discusses aspects of modelling and operation of low-voltage DC-grids with aggregated power and load modules in terms of small-signal stability. Multiple power modules connected to the common DC-bus potentially may become a reason of voltage instabilities due to background harmonics interactions. Unfortunately, in a practical grid implementation,(More)
Power electronic systems comprising a high number of power converters on the load and energy supply side can be considered as smart micro or nano grids. Realizing such smart micro or nano grids means always the need of complex power electronics, consisting of electrically isolated and/or non-isolated, unidirectional and/or bidirectional AC/DC and/or DC/DC(More)
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