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BACKGROUND Acute aortic dissection type A (AADA) is a life-threatening vascular emergency. Clinical presentation ranges from pain related to the acute event, collapse due to aortic rupture or pericardial tamponade, or manifestations of organ or limb ischaemia. The purpose of this review was to clarify important clinical issues of AADA management, with a(More)
Fragestellung: Mit dem Mehrzeilendetektorspiral-CT (MSCT) sind effektive Aufnahmezeiten von 250 ms möglich. Die Möglichkeiten und Grenzen dieser CT-Technologie zur nativen und kontrastverstärkten Untersuchung der Koronargefäße sollen in dieser Arbeit dargestellt werden. Methode: Die native Untersuchung der Koronargefäße zur Quantifizierung von Koronarkalk(More)
PURPOSE Multi-row-detector-spiral-CT (MSCT) allows for 250 ms effective exposure time. The purpose of this study was to demonstrate the possibilities and limitations of this CT technology for non enhanced and contrast enhanced investigation of the coronary arteries. METHODS Investigation of the coronary arteries without contrast medium for quantification(More)
Despite successful surgical revascularization of ischemic limbs, a local and systemic reperfusion injury may occur after normal blood reperfusion. Recent experimental and clinical application of controlled limb reperfusion in Europe has demonstrated superior results, with lower morbidity and mortality. This new surgical technique includes modification of(More)
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