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Reaction-diffusion theory for pattern formation is considered in relation to processes of biological development in which there is continuous growth and shape change as each new pattern forms. This is particularly common in the plant kingdom, for both unicellular and multicellular organisms. In addition to the feedbacks in the chemical dynamics, there is(More)
The rate of CO oxidation on Ir(111) surfaces exhibits bistability at T=500 K in a range of the CO fraction Y in the CO+O reactant gas flux. Measured CO2 rates as a function of the noise strength imposed on Y are well reproduced by parameter-free modeling. We present photoelectron emission microscopy measurements and 2D calculations of the spatiotemporal(More)
We show that, assuming that quantum mechanics holds locally, the finite speed of information is the principle that limits all possible correlations between distant parties to be quantum mechanical as well. Local quantum mechanics means that a Hilbert space is assigned to each party, and then all local positive-operator-valued measurements are (in principle)(More)
We use photoelectron emission microscopy (PEEM) measurements to study the spatiotemporal patterns obtained for the CO oxidation reaction on Ir(111) as a function of the noise strength we superpose on the CO and the oxygen fractions of the constant total reactant gas flux. The investigations are focused on the bistable regime this reaction displays including(More)
We study experimentally and theoretically the influence of noise on the fractions of CO and oxygen in the constant gas flow directed at an Ir(111) surface during CO oxidation. Depending on the noise strength and the fraction Y of CO we observe in the deterministically bistable region a large variety of different types of behavior. These include bistable(More)
We study the effect of external noise on the catalytic oxidation of CO on an Iridium(111) single crystal under ultrahigh vacuum conditions. This reaction can be considered as a model of catalysis used in industry. In the absence of noise the reaction exhibits one or two stable stationary states, depending on control parameters such as temperature and(More)
Rate measurements of the reaction CO + O --> CO(2) on palladium(111) single crystal surfaces have been performed by means of mass spectroscopy under ultrahigh vacuum conditions. The total flux Phi of the impinging reactants CO and O(2) was held constant at 1 ML s(-1), whereas its CO fraction Y was varied between 0 (pure O(2)) and 1 (pure CO). The(More)
Diamond-like carbon (DLC) films on polyethylene terephthalate (PET) are nowadays intensively studied composites due to their excellent gas barrier properties and biocompatibility. Despite their applicative features being highly explored, the interface properties and structural film evolution of DLC coatings on PET during deposition processes are still(More)
Microbial biosynthesis of metal nanoparticles as needed in catalysis has shown its theoretical ability as an extremely environmentally friendly production method in the last few years, even though the separation of the nanoparticles is challenging. Biosynthesis, summing up biosorption and bioreduction of diluted metal ions to zero valent metals, is(More)