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Biological systems routinely solve problems involving pattern recognition and feature extraction. Such problems do not appear to admit similarly routine algorithmic solutions; the power of biological systems in this regard apparently arises from nonalgorithmic dynamics. It is our intention to explore, and to develop principles of, functional characteristics(More)
We give a long overdue theory of orientations of G-vector bundles, topological G-bundles, and spherical G-fibrations, where G is a compact Lie group. The notion of equivariant orientability is clear and unambiguous, but it is surprisingly difficult to obtain a satisfactory notion of an equivariant orientation such that every orientable G-vector bundle(More)
The observation is made that various forms of evolutionary learning systems and classical evolutionary processes can be formally described as hierarchical systems of Markov processes. This leads to a simplification of issues such as convergence criteria and limiting behavior of such systems. The hierarchical structures in question are derived from the(More)