Stefan Waldschmidt

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Many applications, especially the ones implementing multi-user collaborative environments, fall within the context of soft real-time systems in which only small deviations from timing constraints are allowed. The advancements in distributed computing have made it possible to follow a service-oriented approach, taking advantage of the benefits this provides.(More)
We introduce a new model for objects which can move around on a cellular grid. The model consists of two phases, the movement phase and the con ict resolution phase. In the movement part of the description objects specify their desired direction. The con ict, which occurs when alternative objects want to move to the same free cell, is resolved in the con(More)
The diphenylcarbazide colorimetric method was evaluated by analyzing spiked PVC filters prepared by an AIHA-accredited consultant laboratory for chromium (VI). All seven participating laboratories received the samples and performed the analyses at the same time. Three laboratories simultaneously tested three alternative analytical procedures. Reduced(More)
The con gurable coprocessor CEPRA{1X was developed as a PC plug{in card in order to speed up cellular processing signi cantly. Cellular Processing is an attractive and simple massive parallel processing model. To increase its general acceptance and usability it must be supported by a software environment, an eÆcient simulator and a special language. For(More)