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Various effectiveness and efficiency metrics have been proposed for defect-detection techniques and quality assurance. This report aims at introducing and comparing the most common metrics that include the effort for the techniques. These metrics are based on code coverage and fault count. Furthermore two new metrics are introduced that use the failure(More)
In this paper, we investigate the influence of different loci of manipulation relations (position of the player's ability to assert control) on presence. Novel game input devices (such as Microsoft Kinect or PlayStation Move) contribute to presence, and allow a broad range of game interactions, such as using facial expressions, gaze or head movement. This(More)
We present sensitive near–infrared spectroscopic observations for a sample of five z ∼ 6 quasars. These quasars are amongst the most distant, currently known quasars in the universe. The spectra have been obtained using ISAAC at the VLT and include the C IV, Mg II and Fe II lines, which are powerful probes of the chemical enrichment and the black hole(More)
Hydrogen uptake in metal-hydrogen (M-H) nanosized systems (e.g., thin films, clusters) is both a fundamental and a technologically relevant topic, which is becoming more important due to the recent developments of hydrogen sensors, purification membranes, and hydrogen storage solutions. It was recently shown that hydrogen (H) absorption in nanosized systems(More)
Most econometric analyses of patent data rely on regression methods using a parametric form of the predictor for modeling the dependence of the response given certain covariates. These methods often lack the capability of identifying non-linear relationships between dependent and independent variables. We present an approach based on a generalized additive(More)
Gaze input in the context of games proves to be an interesting and challenging field. One research area is the integration of gaze interaction into the game interface (diegetic/virtual approach) and its effects on players. In order to address this issue we conducted an experimental study consisting of two game prototypes with two variants (2D platformer/3D(More)
A detailed dynamic model of hydraulically driven mobile large-scale manipulators is presented. The model can be used as simulation model, for the calculation of the forces in the design process and for the development of the controllers, which are required for tracking given trajectories, but also to avoid vibrations. It takes into account all relevant(More)
Suzaku observations of a TeV unidentified (unID) source, HESS J1745−303, are presented. A possible excess of neutral iron line emission is discovered, and is likely associated with the main part of HESS J1745−303, named “region A”. It may be an X-ray reflection nebula where the X-rays from previous Galactic Center (GC) activity are reflected by a molecular(More)
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