Stefan W. Bosch

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Using methods of effective field theory, factorized expressions for arbitrary ¯ B → X u l − ¯ ν decay distributions in the shape-function region of large hadronic energy and moderate hadronic invariant mass are derived. Large logarithms are resummed at next-to-leading order in renormalization-group improved perturbation theory. The operator product(More)
We discuss exclusive radiative decays in QCD factorization within the Standard Model. In particular, we consider the decays B → V γ, with a vector meson K * or ρ in the final state, and the double radiative modes B 0 s → γγ and B 0 d → γγ. At quark level, all these decays are governed by the flavour-changing neutral-current b → sγ or b → dγ transitions,(More)
This study aimed to identify the causative agent of mass mortality in wild and captive birds in southwest Germany and to gather insights into the phylogenetic relationship and spatial distribution of the pathogen. Since June 2011, 223 dead birds were collected and tested for the presence of viral pathogens. Usutu virus (USUV) RNA was detected by real-time(More)
We provide a model-independent framework for the analysis of the radiative B-meson decays B → K * γ and B → ργ. In particular, we give a systematic discussion of the various contributions to these exclusive processes based on the heavy-quark limit of QCD. We propose a novel factorization formula for the consistent treatment of B → V γ matrix elements(More)
UNLABELLED Usutu virus (USUV), one of the most neglected Old World encephalitic flaviviruses, causes epizootics among wild and captive birds and sporadic infection in humans. The dynamics of USUV spread and evolution in its natural hosts are unknown. Here, we present the phylogeny and evolutionary history of all available USUV strains, including 77 newly(More)
We characterized the complete genome of a putative novel Usutu virus (USUV) strain (Usutu-BONN) detected in a dead blackbird from Germany. Genomic analysis revealed several unique amino acid substitutions among the polyprotein gene. Phylogenetic analyses demonstrated that Usutu-BONN constitutes a putative novel African USUV lineage, which was probably(More)
In the summer of 2016, Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands reported widespread Usutu virus (USUV) activity based on live and dead bird surveillance. The causative USUV strains represented four lineages, of which two putative novel lineages were most likely recently introduced into Germany and spread to other western European countries. The spatial(More)
We discuss the exclusive radiative B-meson decays B → K * γ and B → ργ in a model-independent manner. The analysis is based on the heavy-quark limit of QCD. This allows a factoriza-tion of perturbatively calculable contributions to the B → V γ matrix elements from non-perturbative form factors and universal light-cone distribution amplitudes. These results(More)