Stefan Vogel

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  • Diplom-Informatiker Christoph, Tillmann Aus, Jülich Berichter, Universitätsprofessor, Ing, Hermann Ney +9 others
  • 2001
My work has been influenced in a multitude of ways by my group members concept of inverted alignments is due to Sonja Niessen. Franz-Josef Och provided the training software for the IBM-4 model. Nicola Ueffing carried out some of the experiments on the French-to-English translation task. Ag-niezska Muhr worked on preparing the test data for the(More)
Cardiovascular diseases are among the most common causes of death in industrial countries. In order to take preventive actions, it is of great interest, to both physicians and patients, to determine cardiovascular risk factors early. To address this problem, a wearable in-ear measuring system (IN-MONIT) for 24/7 monitoring of vital parameters has been(More)
This article is not an exact copy of the original published article in the book " Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2006 " , LNCS publication (Lecture Notes in Computer Science), book series " In-formatik aktuell ". created from file: Jaeger2006a.tex cover page automatically created with CoverPage.sty (available at your favourite CTAN mirror)
Since inner ear hair cells are mechano-electric transducers the control of hydrostatic pressure in the inner ear is crucial. Most studies analyzing dynamics and regulation of inner ear hydrostatic pressure performed pressure measurements in the cochlea. The present study is the first one reporting about absolute hydrostatic pressure values in the labyrinth.(More)
This study was carried out in Parbat district, Nepal at the Bhodkhore Community Forest Users Group (CFUG) with the overall objective to develop a clearer understanding of the role of service providers in Community Forestry governance. The focus of this research is on the identification of activities affecting good governance, on the share of contribution of(More)