Stefan Vogel

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Cardiovascular diseases are among the most common causes of death in industrial countries. In order to take preventive actions, it is of great interest, to both physicians and patients, to determine cardiovascular risk factors early. To address this problem, a wearable in-ear measuring system (IN-MONIT) for 24/7 monitoring of vital parameters has been(More)
Board so that the IWAIT 2007 Steering Board shall have the right to publish the work for non-profit use in any media or form. In return, authors retain (1) all proprietary right other than copyright (2) re-use of all or part of the above paper in their other work, and (3) right to reproduce or authorize others to reproduce the above paper for authors's(More)
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The variability of the heart rate has emerged to a popular marker for the overall condition of the circulatory system. In this paper, a novel approach for determining the heart rate by pulseoxymetric measurements inside the ear (IN-MONIT) is presented. Pulse signals from the auditory canal are mainly influenced by jaw motions. This influence can complicate(More)
OBJECTIVES Pleural thickenings as biomarker of exposure to asbestos may evolve into malignant pleural mesothelioma. For its early stage, pleurectomy with perioperative treatment can reduce morbidity and mortality. The diagnosis is based on a visual investigation of CT images, which is a time-consuming and subjective procedure. Our aim is to develop an(More)
Since inner ear hair cells are mechano-electric transducers the control of hydrostatic pressure in the inner ear is crucial. Most studies analyzing dynamics and regulation of inner ear hydrostatic pressure performed pressure measurements in the cochlea. The present study is the first one reporting about absolute hydrostatic pressure values in the labyrinth.(More)