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In the last four decades the container as an essential part of a unit-load-concept has achieved undoubted importance in international sea freight transportation. With ever increasing containerization the number of seaport container terminals and competition among them have become quite remarkable. Operations are nowadays unthinkable without effective and(More)
  • Raffaele Cerulli, Andreas Fink, Monica Gentili, Stefan Voß
  • 2004
We study the Minimum Labelling Spanning Tree Problem: Given a graph G with a color (label) assigned to each edge (not necessarily properly) we look for a spanning tree of G with the minimum number of different colors. The problem has several applications in telecommuni-cation networks, electric networks, multimodal transportation networks, among others,(More)
In the capacitated arc routing problem with multiple centers (M-CARP) the objective is to ®nd routes starting from the given depots or centers such that each required arc is served, capacity (and usually additional) constraints are satis®ed and total travel cost is minimized. In this paper we consider a heuristic transformation of the M-CARP into a multiple(More)