Stefan Treatman-Clark

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The Simon and Speck families of block ciphers were designed specifically to offer security on constrained devices, where simplicity of design is crucial. However, the intended use cases are diverse and demand flexibility in implementation. Simplicity, security, and flexibility are ever-present yet conflicting goals in cryptographic design. This paper(More)
The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) developed the Simon and Speck families of lightweight block ciphers as an aid for securing applications in very constrained environments where AES may not be suitable. This paper sum­ marizes the algorithms, their design rationale, along with current cryptanalysis and implemen­ tation results.
The last several years have witnessed a surge of activity in lightweight cryptographic design. Many lightweight block ciphers have been proposed, targeted mostly at hardware applications. Typically software performance has not been a priority, and consequently software performance for many of these algorithms is unexceptional. Simon and Speck are(More)
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