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The paper proposes a novel application regarding to the image processing for the VANET. The main idea of the application is to create a query in order to get data from an image captured by a camera placed in a vehicle. The query is not related to a database but it is aimed for a still image in real time processing. Using the query we could get data by(More)
This paper describes principles of the data communication in the distributed database system AD-DB developed by paper authors. The database system is designed to function properly in such a complex and dynamic network as the VANET is. That way, vehicles connected to the VANET could distribute traffic related data to others.
This paper describes a system for recognition of objects in traffic scene from multiple moving vehicles. The system is based on query and image processing. It allows image recognition along with a spatial relation. A user or a machine makes a query in which description of searched objects are defined. Then the query is sent to vehicles in order to process(More)
BACKGROUND Different pathological affections of the small intestine cause corresponding morphological and functional changes. The present study was aimed to assess intestinal trehalase activities during ischemia and following reperfusion, correlate them with the pathological changes and determine whether trehalase could be used as a biochemical marker of(More)
Softwarearchitektur und Agilität sind kein Widerspruch, sondern lassen sich wirkungsvoll kombinieren, um die Grundlage für qualitativ anspruchsvolle Software zu bilden. Dazu gilt es einerseits, in den Entwicklungsteams eine gemeinsame Definition von Softwarearchitektur zu finden, und andererseits, einen iterativen Architekturprozess konform zur agilen(More)
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