Stefan Tertinek

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This paper considers the problem of reconstructing a bandlimited signal from its nonuniform samples. Based on a discrete-time equivalent model for nonuniform sampling, we propose the differentiator–multiplier cascade, a multistage reconstruction system that recovers the uniform samples from the nonuniform samples. Rather than using optimally designed(More)
Bang-bang phase-locked loops (BBPLLs) are hard nonlinear systems due to the nonlinearity introduced by the binary phase detector (BPD). In the presence of jitter, the nonlinear loop is typically analyzed by linearizing the BPD and applying linear transfer functions in the analysis. In contrast to a linear PD, the linearized gain of a BPD depends on the rms(More)
This brief considers the problem of reconstructing a band-limited signal from its two-periodic nonuniformly spaced samples. We propose a novel reconstruction system where a finite-impulse response filter designed as differentiator followed by a time-varying multiplier recovers the uniformly spaced from the nonuniformly spaced samples. The system roughly(More)
This paper provides an exact statistical analysis of the steady-state timing jitter in a first-order bang-bang phaselocked loop (BBPLL) when the reference clock is subject to accumulative jitter. We show that a first-order BBPLL can be viewed as performing single-integration delta modulation in the phase domain, allowing us to relate hunting jitter and(More)
Inherent to digital phase-locked loops is frequency quantization in the number-controlled oscillator which prevents the loop from locking exactly onto its reference signal and introduces unwanted phase jitter. This paper investigates the effect of frequency quantization in a first-order loop with a frequency-modulated input signal. Using tools of nonlinear(More)
Recently, several digital phase-locked loops (DPLLs) have been demonstrated to achieve the jitter performance of traditional charge-pump-based analog PLLs. This paper is concerned with a class of DPLLs employing a binary-quantized phase detector, referred to as bangbang PLLs (BBPLLs). They are widely used in clock and data recovery circuits and have(More)
Bang-bang phase-locked loops (BBPLLs) are inherently nonlinear systems due to the binary phase detector (BPD). While they are typically used for clock and data recovery, the ongoing trend toward digital loop implementations has resulted in several digital BBPLLs (DBBPLLs) suitable for frequency synthesis. This brief investigates the effect of(More)