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The numerical treatment of systems of partial differential equations (PDEs) is of great interest as many problems from applications belong to that class. Also the optimality system of optimal control problems that is discussed in this work has such a structure. These problems are not elliptic and therefore both the construction of an efficient numerical(More)
Copper, zinc, lead and cadmium content of the kidney, liver and lung derived from 1072 autopsies has been determined. The content of lead and cadmium in liver, the content of copper, cadmium and zinc in lung of the rural population (541 cases) was higher than those of the urban population (531 cases). The cadmium content difference of the lung was found to(More)
In this paper we consider multigrid methods for solving saddle point problems. The choice of an appropriate smoothing strategy is a key issue in this case. Here we focus on the widely used class of collective point smoothers. These methods are constructed by a point-wise grouping of the unknowns leading to, e.g., collective Richardson, Jacobi or(More)
Human biological samples using the atomic emission method. The concentration of 27 micro- and macro elements was specified in a total number of 1221. Some of the patients tested were under hospital treatment because of chronic disease (727 persons), others were blood donors (71 persons) or pregnant women and newborn infants (107-107 persons, respectively).(More)
The content of copper, zinc, plumbum and cadmium was determined in maternal blood, umbilical blood and placental tissue using atomic absorption method. In umbilical blood the concentration of copper and zinc was significantly lower, independent from sex and birth weight of the newborns and from age and residence of the mothers. Cadmium and plumbum did not(More)
Systolic time intervals were studied in 28 young, previously healthy burn patients (TBS 10-90%) on 145 occasions. A NEK 116 type 3 channel recorder of 100 mm/sec paper speed was used. Synchronous ECG recordings in lead II, PCG in the m "1" frequency band, and external carotid pulse tracings were recorded. RR, QS2, S1S2, LVET, PEP, PEP/LVET and QT, QTc,(More)
In this paper we consider the convergence theory for an all-at-once multigrid method for a distributed optimal control problem. Such an analysis has been recently done, see [11]. Here, we give a new proof which is based on a more straightforward approach. The main benefit of this new approach is the possibility to extend the analysis to domains where full(More)