Stefan Tötterman

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Eighty histologically verified cases of the desmoid tumor (DT) have been analyzed with regard to factors possibly contributing to the etiology and/or growth behavior of this uncommon neoplasm. Considering the four statistical age components, the "fertile" female and "menopausal" varieties of the DT grew distinctly faster (0.1 less than P greater than 0.05(More)
Twenty-three cases of intramuscular myxoma were analyzed clinically and histologically. The mean age of the patients was 54 years, and two-thirds were women. Clinical follow-up of 2 to 17 years' duration revealed no recurrences or metastases. Intramuscular myxoma thus appears to be a completely benign tumor. One patient simultaneously had a myxoma in the(More)
We have carefully examined four patients with desmoid tumor (DT) and their 31 relatives. In three of four cases, biopsies of the DT demonstrated low yet significant amounts of estrogen but not progesterone receptors in the tumor cytosol. In the fourth case, where the receptors were not demonstrable, the affected patient was a menopausal woman and the(More)
In a retrospective approach the medical records and radiographs of 618 patients with midfacial trauma were reviewed by radiologists who were classified into four groups according to the length of their training and experience. Initially reported diagnoses were compared with discharge diagnoses, and the impact of training and experience on diagnostic(More)
Maximum intensity projections are the currently accepted method of displaying Magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) data. In this study, we introduce a modified surface rendering method for displaying this same MRA data. The system we have developed is designed to reconstruct three-dimensional (3D) images of vasculature using standard magnetic resonance(More)
A total of 112 first ribs in 103 patients were resected over 11 years for thoracic outlet syndrome. Seventy-seven patients (84 operations) were followed up for 2.5 years or more to assess the long term results of this procedure and the factors affecting them. One month after surgery 52 per cent of limbs were asymptomatic and 77 per cent were at least(More)