Stefan Strubbe

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CPDPs (Communicating Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes) can be used for compositional specification of systems from the class of stochastic hybrid processes formed by PDPs (Piecewise Deter-ministic Markov Processes). We define CPDPs and the composition of CPDPs, and prove that the class of CPDPs is closed under composition. Then we introduce a notion(More)
We investigate requirements for a composition operator for complex control systems. The operator should be suitable for a context where we have both supervisory control and a system that consists of multiple (two or more) components. We conclude that using both passive (observing) and active (controlling) transitions is advantageous for the specification of(More)
CPDP is a class of automata designed for compositional specifica-tion/analysis of certain stochastic hybrid processes. We prove equivalence of the stochastic behaviors of CPDPs (newly defined here) and PDPs. With this result we obtain a clear stochastic processes semantics for CPDPs and we obtain the opportunity to use the powerful PDP analysis techniques(More)
— In this paper we present an algorithm for finding a bisimulation relation for stochastic hybrid systems from the class of CPDPs (Communicating Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes). We prove that the fixed point of the algorithm forms a bisimulation on the state space of the CPDP. We give sufficient conditions on the continuous dynamics and the(More)
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