Stefan Strohmeier

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An increasing number of publications concerning data mining research in human resource management (HRM) gives an impression of a prospering new research field. The current paper reviews research on HR data mining to uncover systematically recent advancements as well as remaining tasks for future work. To provide a systematic analysis, an initial framework(More)
Virtual learning environments (VLE) constitute the current information systems’ (IS) category for electronically supported corporate training and development. Frequently supposed advantages of using VLE refer, for instance, to the efficiency, individuality, ubiquity, timeliness and task orientation of learning. However, a crucial precondition of realizing(More)
Mobile technology has opened up new chances to create organizational communication and customer value. The consumer-sided adoption of mobile technology and services not only increased interest among practitioners, but also among researchers of different disciplines. To analyze antecedents of mobile technology adoption and usage intention prior studies(More)
The main purpose of this paper is to evaluate a set of theory-grounded User Experience (UX)-related measures which are supposed to persuade course designers of particular UX-related problem areas based on a specific feedback format. Specifically, two online surveys on a university online course were conducted with the former focusing on the quantitative(More)
Criterion-related validity of Raven's Progressive Matrices (RPM) was investigated using a sample of 107 deaf residential adolescents. Data collection involved retrieval of psychoeducational test scores (RPM; WISC-R Performance IQ; VMI-R; Bender-Gestalt; and SAT-HI Reading Comprehension, Spelling, and Language) from student files. Concurrent validity between(More)
Electronic portfolios constitute a prominent educational innovation which aims at the systematic self-controlled development of qualifications based on a meaningful collection of electronic items. As a commonly supposed interesting side effect, literature supposes e-portfolios also as particular suitable tools for recruiting employees, while systematic(More)