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— We consider the problem of rear axle regenerative braking maximization in hybrid vehicles. We focus on cornering maneuvers on low friction surfaces, where excessive braking at the rear axle might induce vehicle instability. We present and compare two predictive control approaches, where the objective is maximizing the regenerative braking and distributing(More)
One of the major benefits of driving vehicles in controlled, close formations such as platoons is that of reduced air drag. However, this will set hard performance requirements on the system actuators, sensors and controllers of each vehicle. This paper analyzes the effects of fundamental limitations on the longitudinal and lateral control performance of a(More)
The paper proposes a stability analysis method based on the application of the center manifold theory belonging to the state-space methods to the stability analysis of fiizzy control systems. The methods considers a linearized mathematical model of the second order nonlinear plant, and its only constraint is in the smooth character of the right-hand term of(More)
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