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Raised risks of several cancers have been found in patients with type II diabetes, but there are few data on cancer risk in type I diabetes. We conducted a cohort study of 28 900 UK patients with insulin-treated diabetes followed for 520 517 person-years, and compared their cancer incidence and mortality with national expectations. To analyse by diabetes(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Disease of the cardiovascular system is the main cause of long-term complications and mortality in patients with type I (insulin-dependent) and type II (non-insulin-dependent) diabetes. Cerebrovascular mortality rates have been shown to be raised in patients with type II diabetes but have not previously been reported by age and sex in(More)
The creation of crowd-sourced content in learning systems is a powerful method for adapting learning systems to the needs of a range of teachers in a range of domains, but the quality of this content can vary. This study explores linguistic differences in teacher-created problem content in ASSISTments using a combination of discovery with models and(More)
On-demand help in intelligent learning environments is typically linked to better learning, but may lead to longer completion times. This present work provides an analysis of how students interacted with a summer learning assignment when on-demand help was available, compared to when it was not. When hints were available from the start, students were more(More)
eating bran. Comment t Supplementing the daily diet of healthy volunteers with 15 g inert plastic particles increased the stool mass by nearly three times the mass of plastic ingested, increased the frequency of defecation, and reduced the transit time through the whole gut. These effects may be caused by mechanical stimulation of mucosal receptors as(More)
Student knowledge modeling is an important part of modern personalized learning systems, but typically relies upon valid models of the structure of the content and skill in a domain. These models are often developed through expert tagging of skills to items. However, content creators in crowdsourced personalized learning systems often lack the time (and(More)
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