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The SAP HANA database is positioned as the core of the SAP HANA Appliance to support complex business analytical processes in combination with transactionally consistent operational workloads. Within this paper, we outline the basic characteristics of the SAP HANA database, emphasizing the distinctive features that differentiate the SAP HANA database from(More)
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to deliver an insight into the interaction effects of process-oriented management and business intelligence (BI). Design/methodology/approach – The paper takes up publications from the fields of BI and business process management and analyzes the state-of-the-art of process-centric business intelligence (PCBI). To(More)
With collaborative transmission we propose a novel transmission scheme that utilizes constructive interference between transmitted signals of wireless sensor nodes. Similar to cooperative transmission approaches we are able to drastically extend the transmission range of a wireless sensor network. We show that synchronization of received signal components(More)
In sensor networks different types of sensors are used to capture events, recognize contexts, derive states of objects or monitor processes within application scenarios. We envision the use of the presented technology in areas that are very complex, e.g. in industrial applications. The presented system uses sensor information from wireless sensor nodes that(More)
We propose an audio-based mechanism for device authentication. The method is feasible with low-end microphones and can be extended to further UbiComp application domains as improved location estimation of sensor nodes or alarming. Measurement results obtained in a preparatory study demonstrate the performance of the approach.
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