Stefan Schubert

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78 Letters to the Editor Sir, Acute and chronic urticaria are very common. Underlying causes can be highly heterogeneous. Various drugs, physical factors, auto-immunological factors, allergic and pseudoallergic reactions or infections can result in the clinical manifestation of urticaria, which is a symptom rather than a distinct disease. The most common(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the efficacy and safety of two different budesonide formulations (effervescent tablet for orodispersible use (BET) and viscous suspension (BVS)) with different daily dosages for short-term treatment of eosinophilic oesophagitis (EoE). DESIGN Adults with active EoE (n=76) randomly received 14 days' treatment with either BET 2×1(More)
The recent empirical literature on the economic effects of terms of trade shocks highlights not only the direct effects on growth, but also the resulting changes in volatility and debt. We link the procyclicality of sovereign debt to terms of trade shocks and provide theoretical underpinnings for standby facilities such as the " Exogenous Shocks Facility "(More)
Background and study aims The success of any colonoscopy procedure depends upon the quality of bowel preparation. We evaluated the efficacy and safety of a new tailored dosing (TD) regimen compared with the approved PICOPREP day-before dosing regimen (DBD) in the European Union. Patient and methods Patients (≥ 18 years) undergoing colonoscopy were(More)
The paper studies the short run and long run effects of a production subsidy to the tourism sector of a small open economy, which can also be thought as a region within a country. We introduce a two-sector dynamic general equilibrium model where the tourism sector is considered to be labor-intensive and produces traded services. The other sector is(More)
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