Stefan Schnell

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The application of the quasi-steady-state approximation (QSSA) in biochemical kinetics allows the reduction of a complex biochemical system with an initial fast transient into a simpler system. The simplified system yields insights into the behavior of the biochemical reaction, and analytical approximations can be obtained to determine its kinetic(More)
From a Chironomus thummi thummi genomic library we have isolated two distinct recombinant phages, CttG-1 and CttG-3, each carrying a cluster of five homologous globin genes. In addition to the previously reported nucleotide sequence of globin gene D (Antoine and Niessing, 1984) we present the chromosomal arrangement, primary structure and predicted amino(More)
This document contains illustration and justification of the methodology used in our article 'The discourse basis of ergativity revisited' (henceforth H&S). We begin by outlining the Multi-CAST database ('Multi-Language Corpora of Annotated Spoken Texts'), from which large portions of the data stem. Multi-CAST is a project designed for crosslinguistic,(More)
Level or jump detectors generate the reconstructed time series from a noisy record of patch-clamp current. The reconstructed time series is used to create dwell-time histograms for the kinetic analysis of the Markov model of the investigated ion channel. It is shown here that some additional lines in the software of such a detector can provide a powerful(More)
Although cytosolic superoxide dismutases (SODs) are widely distributed among bacteria, only a small number of species contain a periplasmic SOD. One of these is Caulobacter crescentus, which has a copper-zinc SOD (CuZnSOD) in the periplasm and an iron SOD (FeSOD) in the cytosol. The function of periplasmic CuZnSOD was studied by characterizing a mutant of(More)
This paper outlines potentials of documentary linguistics for typological research in referential hierarchies. Specifically, I will demonstrate how the analysis of original text data from the Oceanic language Vera’a enhances knowledge about referential hierarchy effects in the domains of number marking and morphosyntactic properties of objects. With this(More)
This publication can be cited as: Geoffrey Haig & Stefan Schnell. 2009. From text to typology: towards implementing quantitative typology on corpora from endangered languages. In Peter K. Austin, Oliver Bond, Monik Charette, David Nathan & Peter Sells (eds) Proceedings of Conference on Language Documentation and Linguistic Theory 2. London: SOAS. or:(More)
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