Stefan Schlager

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PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to evaluate and analyze statistical shapes of the outer mandible contour of Caucasian and Chinese people, offering data for the production of preformed mandible reconstruction plates. METHODS A CT-database of 925 Caucasians (male: n=463, female: n=462) and 960 Chinese (male: n=469, female: n=491) including scans of(More)
The human zygomatic structure, consisting of the zygomatic bone and the zygomatic process of the temporal bone, is an essential part of the masticatory apparatus and has been shown to reflect population history and sexual dimorphism to varying degrees. In this study, we analyzed the predictive value of the outlines vs. the complete surface shape of the(More)
Intentional cranial deformations (ICD) were obtained by exerting external mechanical constraints on the skull vault during the first years of life to permanently modify head shape. The repercussions of ICD on the face are not well described in the midfacial region. Here we assessed the shape of the zygomatic bone in different types of ICDs. We considered 14(More)
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