Stefan Schlögl

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Self-assembly and surface-mediated reactions of 1,3,5-tris(4-mercaptophenyl)benzene--a three-fold symmetric aromatic trithiol--are studied on Cu(111) by means of scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) under ultrahigh-vacuum (UHV) conditions. In order to reveal the nature of intermolecular bonds and to understand the specific role of the substrate for their(More)
Self-assembled monolayers of 1,3,5-tris(4'-biphenyl-4"-carbonitrile)benzene, a large functional trinitrile molecule, on the (111) surfaces of copper and silver under ultrahigh vacuum conditions were studied by scanning tunneling microscopy and low-energy electron diffraction. A densely packed hydrogen-bonded polymorph was equally observed on both surfaces.(More)
We report on covalent two-dimensional phenylene-boroxine hybrid-networks that were synthesized under ultra-high vacuum conditions from doubly functionalized monomers through thermally activated condensation prior to deposition and successive heterogeneously catalyzed radical addition on Ag(111). Structural properties were characterized in situ by high(More)
We describe the setup, characteristics, and application of an in vacuo ion-sputtering and electron-beam annealing device for the postpreparation of scanning probes (e.g., scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) tips) under ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) conditions. The proposed device facilitates the straightforward implementation of a common two-step cleaning(More)
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