Stefan Scheidl

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All blood capillaries consist of endothelial tubes surrounded by mural cells referred to as pericytes. The origin, recruitment, and function of the pericytes is poorly understood, but the importance of these cells is underscored by the severe cardiovascular defects in mice genetically devoid of factors regulating pericyte recruitment to embryonic vessels,(More)
Microarray hybridization has rapidly evolved as an important tool for genomic studies and studies of gene regulation at the transcriptome level. Expression profiles from homogenous samples such as yeast and mammalian cell cultures are currently extending our understanding of biology, whereas analyses of multicellular organisms are more difficult because of(More)
Business users need to analyse changing sets of information to effectively support their working tasks. Due to the complexity of enterprise systems and available tools, especially technically unskilled users face considerable challenges when trying to flexibly retrieve needed data in an ad-hoc manner. As a consequence, available data is limited to(More)
Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is characterized by slow growth, virtual absence of metastases, and strong stroma-dependency. Cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) in the tumor stroma influence tumor growth, invasion, and metastasis. To comprehensively characterize CAFs of BCC in their in situ cancer environment, laser capture microdissection, linear gene(More)
The willingness of non-programmers to develop or modify their software depends not only on using the right interfaces and programming model but also on users making positive judgment about the balance of benefits and costs such as learning time and errors. This paper reports on a questionnaire-based survey which charts this economic dimension of end-user(More)
Enterprises face the challenge of managing underspecified, human-centric business processes, which are executed in distributed teams in a rather informal, ad-hoc manner. This gave hibernating CSCW and ad-hoc workflow research a new push recently. However, there is still the need to clearly perceive end users as the actual drivers of business processes and(More)
BACKGROUND Kidney transplantation in the elderly is complicated by comorbidities and a higher incidence of death. The Eurotransplant Senior Program (ESP) has been established to allocate kidneys from older donors to the increasing number of older recipients. In this retrospective, single center data analysis, we compare the outcome of recipients older than(More)
Laser microdissection and pressure catapulting has become a powerful tool to obtain homogeneous cell populations from tissue samples in nearly all fields of biomedical research. The isolated cells can be subsequently used for the analysis of proteins, DNA or RNA. However, the method requires physical access to the tissue surface and the sections therefore(More)