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According to current guidelines, pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is diagnosed when mean pulmonary arterial pressure (Ppa) exceeds 25 mmHg at rest or 30 mmHg during exercise. Issues that remain unclear are the classification of Ppa values <25 mmHg and whether Ppa >30 mmHg during exercise is always pathological. We performed a comprehensive literature(More)
Business users need to analyse changing sets of information to effectively support their working tasks. Due to the complexity of enterprise systems and available tools, especially technically unskilled users face considerable challenges when trying to flexibly retrieve needed data in an ad-hoc manner. As a consequence, available data is limited to(More)
The need to involve business users in process modeling is largely perceived in the context of Business Process Management systems. This can facilitate the elaboration of consistent process models which are better turned to users' needs and organizational changes. Despite the variety of tools and notations, process modeling remains hardly accessible for(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Sildenafil blocks phosphodiesterase type 5 which degrades nitric oxide (NO) stimulated 3'5'-cyclic monophosphate (cGMP), thereby relaxing smooth muscle cells in various organs. We used sildenafil as a tool to investigate the role of the NO-cGMP pathway in the oesophagus of healthy volunteers and patients with hypercontractile oesophageal(More)
Letting end users tailor business processes can result in business process management support, which is better turned to userspsila needs and organizational changes. However, such tailoring requires not only the userspsila domain expertise but also advanced skills in computer use, which business users mostly lack. The paper presents the design of the(More)
The willingness of non-programmers to develop or modify their software depends not only on using the right interfaces and programming model but also on users making positive judgment about the balance of benefits and costs such as learning time and errors. This paper reports on a questionnaire-based survey which charts this economic dimension of end-user(More)
A review is given on the theory of vortex-glass phases in impure type-II superconductors in an external field. We begin with a brief discussion of the effects of thermal fluctuations on the spontaneously broken U (1) and translation symmetries, on the global phase diagram and on the critical behaviour. Introducing disorder we restrict ourselves to the(More)
Enterprises face the challenge of managing underspecified, human-centric business processes, which are executed in distributed teams in a rather informal, ad-hoc manner. This gave hibernating CSCW and ad-hoc workflow research a new push recently. However, there is still the need to clearly perceive end users as the actual drivers of business processes and(More)