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In addition to repressing ERBB2 promoter function, histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors induce the accelerated decay of mature ERBB2 transcripts; the mechanism mediating this transcript destabilization is unknown but depends on the 3' untranslated region (UTR) of ERBB2 mRNA. Using ERBB2-overexpressing human breast cancer cells (SKBR3), the mRNA stability(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE In endothelial dysfunction, signalling by nitric oxide (NO) is impaired because of the oxidation and subsequent loss of the soluble guanylyl cyclase (sGC) haem. The sGC activator 4-[((4-carboxybutyl){2-[(4-phenethylbenzyl)oxy]phenethyl}amino)methyl[benzoic]acid (BAY 58-2667) is a haem-mimetic able to bind with high affinity to sGC(More)
BACKGROUND Inhibitors of adenosine membrane transport cause vasodilation and enhance the plasma adenosine concentration. However, it is unclear why the plasma adenosine concentration rises rather than falls when membrane transport is inhibited. We tested the hypothesis that the cytosolic adenosine concentration exceeds the interstitial concentration under(More)
Renin angiotensin system (RAS) worsens diabetic nephropathy (DN) by increasing oxidative stress. We compared the effect of three different RAS inhibitors: the angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor Ramipril, the vasopeptidase inhibitor AVE7688 and the angiotensin receptor (AT1) antagonist Losartan on the formation of oxidative and carbonyl stress derived(More)
Die Online-Fachbuchhandlung beck-shop.de ist spezialisiert auf Fachbücher, insbesondere Recht, Steuern und Wirtschaft. Im Sortiment finden Sie alle Medien (Bücher, Zeitschriften, CDs, eBooks, etc.) aller Verlage. Ergänzt wird das Programm durch Services wie Neuerscheinungsdienst oder Zusammenstellungen von Büchern zu Sonderpreisen. Der Shop führt mehr als 8(More)
BACKGROUND Left ventricular hypertrophy constitutes a powerful independent risk factor for heart failure, sudden death and ventricular dysrhythmia. Experimental data suggest that, apart from increased cardiac work load, noradrenaline may be one of the factors triggering myocardial hypertrophy. OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that the extent of left(More)
Chromatin proteins undergo diverse posttranslational modifications, esp. acetylation and methylation, that contribute to the control of transcriptional processes. The result of these modifications in its various states is called the histone code. This review presents an overview of those modifications of chromatin proteins that affect the side chains of(More)
BACKGROUND Inhibition of tyrosine kinases, including platelet-derived growth factor receptor, can reduce pulmonary arterial pressure in experimental and clinical pulmonary hypertension. We hypothesized that inhibition of the serine/threonine kinases Raf-1 (also termed c-Raf) and b-Raf in addition to inhibition of tyrosine kinases effectively controls(More)
AIMS Inhibition of phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) decreases pulmonary pressure and improves symptoms in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension. It is unclear however, whether inhibition of PDE5 can prevent myocardial remodelling during right-ventricular pressure overload. METHODS AND RESULTS Right-ventricular pressure overload was produced in male rats(More)
OBJECTIVE It has been suggested that nitric oxide (NO) is involved in the regulation of myocardial function in a variety of diseases such as dilated cardiomyopathy, myocarditis, heart transplant rejection, and septic shock. However, the underlying mechanism of NO mediated reduction of cardiac contractility has not been clearly established so far. Therefore,(More)