Stefan Schäfer

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Guaranteeing that the worst-case scenario has been covered for each basic block individually is a major challenge in measurement-based WCET analysis. On the static analysis side the accuracy of hardware models used are also subject to doubt as they are based on available documentation provided by vendors which may be not detailed enough nor correct or both.(More)
Instruction selection is a compiler optimisation that translates the intermediate representation of a program into a lower intermediate representation or an assembler program. We use the SSA form as an intermediate representation for instruction selection. Patterns are used for translation and are expressed as production rules in a graph grammar. The(More)
The current work addresses the understanding of the stabilization of nanoparticles in suspension. Specifically, we study ZnO in ethanol for which the influence of particle size and reactant ratio as well as surface coverage on colloidal stability in dependence of the purification progress was investigated. The results revealed that the well-known(More)
Today's most challenging application of computer graphics is the rendering of real scale scenes at photorealistic quality. As this task needs a lot of computing resources, numerous techniques have been applied to speed up rendering, one of these being parallel processing. This paper presents our approach to the efficient parallelization of different(More)