Stefan S. Dimov

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Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) techniques are an important tool for achieving a true integration of design and manufacturing stages during the product development. In particular, AFR systems offer capabilities for recognising high-level geometrical entities, features, in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) models. However, the recognition performances of most(More)
Given that Micro and Nano Technologies (MNTs) is still an emerging field, it is important to adopt a tool for evaluating the maturity of MNT-based products and the production processes enabling their manufacture. In particular, as a risk assessment tool, it could help both the pace of technological adoption and the successful exploitation of these(More)
This paper discusses the issues typically occurring when integrating, into a single product, functions that can only be realised by employing different length scale features (macro, meso, micro and down to nano). Following the responses of a survey performed on European research projects, a trend for replacing assembly steps with multi-scale processing of(More)