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This 130nm Itanium® 2 processor implements the Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing (EPIC) architecture and features an on-die 6MB, 24-way set associative L3 cache. The 374mm2 die contains 410M transistors and is implemented in a dual-Vt process with 6 layers copper interconnect and FSG dielectric. The processor runs at 1.5GHz at 1.3V and(More)
As fibroblasts near senescence, their responsiveness to external signals diminishes. This well-documented phenomenon likely underlies physiological deterioration and limited tissue regeneration in aging individuals. Understanding the underlying molecular mechanisms would provide opportunities to ameliorate these situations. A key stimulus for human dermal(More)
Moore's Law drives VLSI technology to continuous increases in transistor densities and higher clock frequencies. This tutorial will review the trends in VLSI technology scaling in the last few years and discuss the challenges facing process and circuit engineers in the 100nm generation and beyond. The first focus area is the process technology, including(More)
This paper describes a 4.3B transistors, 15-cores, 30-threads enterprise Xeon® processor with a 37.5 MB shared L3 cache implemented in a 22 nm 9M Hi-K metal gate tri-gate process. A modular floorplan methodology enables easy chops to 10 and 6 cores. Multiple clock and voltage domains are used to reduce power consumption. The clock distribution uses a single(More)