Stefan Russel

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We gathered data on the amount, composition, and rate of ingestion of foods and soils by the provisioned Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata fuscata) at Arashiyama, Japan. Behavioral observations spanned one year on 8 adult females, using focal animal sampling. We analyzed a subsample of their foods for nutritional and toxic secondary compound content. We(More)
Proliferative diabetic retinopathy is the most advanced stage of diabetic retinopathy, and is classified by the growth of new blood vessels. These blood vessels are abnormal and fragile, and are susceptible to leaking blood and fluid onto the retina, which can cause severe vision loss. This paper proposes a method by combining prior works of Keith A.(More)
AParacoccus sp. which transforms aniline and different halogen-substituted derivatives under aerobic and anaerobic conditions was isolated from the soil. In experiments with14C-ring-labeled 4-chloroaniline, approximately 60% of the radioactive material disappeared from the growth medium after incubation under anaerobiosis within 48 hr, but under aerobic(More)
Studies on Culex pipiens fatigans dispersal were conducted during the hot, cold, rainy, and post-rainy seasons in 2 villages in the Delhi area in order to improve techniques and to determine the optimum time of release. Releases from one central point and from a number of points were evaluated. No directional effect on dispersal was observed. Dispersal was(More)
Some Basidiomycota were chosen for studies of key ligninases synthesis (25°C, 30 days) in modified medium (shaken or not cultures) with added wheat straw. Liquid Czapek medium with straw yielded a higher amount of laccase than peroxidase, ground straw induced enzyme worse than chopped straw. With peroxidase the reverse dependencies were observed. Laccase of(More)