Stefan Roepcke

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UNLABELLED By linking differential gene expression to the chromosomal localization of genes, one can investigate microarray data for characteristic patterns of expression phenomena involving sizeable parts of specific chromosomes. We have implemented a statistical approach for identifying significantly differentially expressed chromosome regions. We(More)
To detect novel Wnt-pathway genes involved in tumourigenesis, this study analysed the RNA expression levels of 40 genes of the Wnt pathway by chip hybridization of microdissected matched pairs of 54 primary prostate carcinomas. Eleven genes showed greater than two-fold differential expression in at least 10% of prostate cancers. Three of these genes encode(More)
UICC stage II and III colorectal cancers (CRC) differ fundamentally in prognosis and therapeutic concepts. To analyze differential gene expression between both stages and to establish a relationship between molecular background and clinical presentation, tumor material from 36 unselected consecutive patients presenting with sporadic CRC, 18 UICC stage II(More)
T-Reg Comparator is a novel software tool designed to support research into transcriptional regulation. Sequence motifs representing transcription factor binding sites are usually encoded as position weight matrices. The user inputs a set of such weight matrices or binding site sequences and our program matches them against the T-Reg database, which is(More)
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a chronic inflammatory disease, primarily affecting the airways. Stable biomarkers characterizing the inflammatory phenotype of the disease, relevant for disease activity and suited to predict disease progression are needed to monitor the efficacy and safety of drug interventions. We therefore analyzed a large(More)
In order to screen for differentially expressed genes that might be useful in diagnosis or therapy of prostate cancer we have used a custom made Affymetrix GeneChip containing 3950 cDNA fragments. Expression profiles were obtained from 42 matched pairs of mRNAs isolated from microdissected malignant and benign prostate tissues. Applying three different(More)
Colorectal tumors have characteristic genome-wide expression patterns that allow their distinction from normal colon epithelia and facilitate clinical prognosis. The expression heterogeneity within a primary colorectal tumor has not been studied on a genome scale yet. Here we investigated three compartments of colorectal tumors, the invasion front, the(More)
For ribosomal protein (RP) genes the start of transcription is rigidly controlled to maintain the 5'-TOP signal on the messenger RNA. The responsible regulatory mechanism is not yet fully understood. Careful comparative analysis of their proximal promoter sequences reveals common characteristics and thus provides clues to the underlying mechanism. We have(More)
Pressure overload (PO) first causes cardiac hypertrophy and then heart failure (HF), which are associated with sex differences in cardiac morphology and function. We aimed to identify genes that may cause HF-related sex differences. We used a transverse aortic constriction (TAC) mouse model leading to hypertrophy without sex differences in cardiac function(More)
In a search for new molecular markers of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC), we compared the gene expression profiles of seven pancreatic carcinomas and one carcinoma of the papilla Vateri with those of duct cells from three non-neoplastic pancreatic tissues. In addition, the human pancreatic duct cell line and five PDAC cell lines (AsPC-1, BxPC-3,(More)