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In soot filtration simulation, there exists a discrepancy of scales. The filter media can be represented with a resolution of a micron, while the soot particles can be as small as 20 nanometers. A representative portion of the media is needed, but also the correct deposition behavior of the soot particles in order to achieve realistic clogging behavior. A(More)
A technique of computing the pressure drop and deposition rate evolution during soot loading and the 3D distribution of deposited soot particles for micro-structured ceramic filter media is presented. Methods developed at Fraunhofer ITWM for generating 3D computer models representing the microstructure of the filter material and for computing soot particle(More)
In this paper we consider numerical algorithms for solving a system of nonlinear PDEs arising in modeling of liquid polymer injection. We investigate the particular case when a porous preform is located within the mould, so that the liquid polymer flows through a porous medium during the filling stage. The nonlinearity of the governing system of PDEs is due(More)
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