Stefan Reichhart

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With the success of agile methodologies more and more projects develop large test suites to ensure that the system is behaving as expected. Not only do tests ensure correctness, but they also offer a live documentation for the code. However, as the system evolves, the tests need to evolve as well to keep up with the system, and as the test suite grows(More)
With the success of agile methodologies, Testing has become a common and important activity in the development of software projects. Large and automated test-suites ensure that the system is behaving as expected. Moreover, tests also offer a live documentation for the code and can be used to understand foreign code. However, as the system evolves, tests(More)
Traits offer a fine-grained mechanism for composing classes in object-oriented languages from reusable components, while avoiding the fragility problems introduced by multiple inheritance and mixins. Although traits were developed in the context of dynamically typed languages, they would also offer clear benefits for statically typed languages like Java and(More)
Analyzing how software engineers use the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is essential to better understanding how engineers carry out their daily tasks. SPOTTER is a code search engine for the Pharo programming language. Since its inception, SPOTTER has been rapidly and broadly adopted within the Pharo community. However, little is known about how(More)
Program comprehension requires developers to reason about many kinds of highly interconnected software entities. Dealing with this reality prompts developers to continuously intertwine searching and navigation. Nevertheless, most integrated development environments (IDEs) address searching by means of many disconnected search tools, making it difficult for(More)
Developing and evolving software requires developers to continuously make decisions about how to steer the design and implementation of their applications. To make informed decisions developers commonly formulate detailed and domain-specific questions about their software systems and use tools to explore available information and answer those questions.(More)
Background — A description of the subject workflow environment and conditions prior to implementation-General Company Profile Conditions prior to integration Objectives — A description of the printer, publisher or pre-press service's goal and motivation, including any quantities criteria upon which the goals were established Methodology — A description of(More)
Software systems involve many different kinds of domain-specific and interrelated software entities. A common strategy employed by developers to deal with this reality is to perform exploratory investigations by means of searching. Nevertheless, most integrated development environments (IDEs) support searching through generic and disconnected search tools.(More)
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