Stefan Reichelt

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Myosins are a large superfamily of motor proteins which, in association with actin, are involved in intra- cellular motile processes. In addition to the conventional myosins involved in muscle contractility, there is, in animal cells, a wide range of unconventional myosins implicated in membrane-associated processes, such as vesicle transport and membrane(More)
Large real-time holographic displays with full color are feasible with SeeReal’s new approach to holography and today’s technology. The display provides the information about the 3D scene in a viewing window at each observer eye. A tracking system always locates the viewing windows at the observer eyes. This combination of diffractive and refractive optics(More)
Modern Chemistry requires to handle complex stereochemical problems with a computer. Therefore, it is necessary to find a suitable way of modelling ensembles of molecules and their reactions. This kind of modelling must also consider dynamic structural properties of molecules. This cannot be described sufficiently by rigid models. Developing concepts and(More)
A digital-projection radiography system with potential applications in genitourinary imaging is presented. The system replaces the traditional film-screen combinations by storage phosphor screens but continues to use cassettes in conventional X-ray equipment. Technical features such as consistently optimal image brightness and contrast across an extremely(More)
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