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The hearts of Wistar rats were irradiated locally with a range of total doses given in 1, 3, 5 or 10 fractions in 4 weeks. As even after the lowest single dose of 17.5 Gy all animals died within 18 months after irradiation from heart failure, no ED50 could be determined. Therefore, the mean survival time following irradiation was chosen as isoeffect for the(More)
A new sesquiterpene hydroquinone 1, which we call strongylin A, was isolated from the marine sponge Strongylophora hartmani. Its structure was determined through spectroscopic methods, including 2D-13C homonuclear correlation spectroscopy (INADEQUATE). Both 1 and its acetate derivative are active in in vitro assays against the P-388 tumor cell line and(More)
BACKGROUND Due to the adenoma-carcinoma sequence, complete removal of colorectal polyps is essential. METHOD This article analyzes the role of surgery in the removal of colorectal adenoma. RESULTS Nowadays, most adenomas are removed properly by endoscopic methods. Also in the resection of giant polyps and recurrent adenoma endoscopic data is convincing.(More)
There are two main forms of factor XII deficiency: patients with immunological cross-reacting material (CRM+) and patients without (CRM-). For 1 case of CRM+ an amino acid substitution (Cys571-->Ser) has been described. We are currently investigating two families of Hageman CRM- trait with the typical hemostaseological pattern: one member with virtually no(More)
Aims. The prognostic role of the proteases uPA and PAI-1, as well as tumor budding, in colon cancer, has been investigated previously. Methods. We provide 6-year follow-up data and results of the validation set. The initial test set and validation set consisted of 55 colon cancers and 68 colorectal cancers, respectively. Tissue samples were analyzed for uPA(More)
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