Stefan Rösel

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Fungi and bacteria are the major organic matter (OM) decomposers in aquatic ecosystems. While bacteria are regarded as primary mineralizers in the pelagic zone of lakes and oceans, fungi dominate OM decomposition in streams and wetlands. Recent findings indicate that fungal communities are also active in lakes, but little is known about their diversity and(More)
Nutrient fluxes across terrestrial-aquatic boundaries and their subsequent integration into lake nutrient cycles are currently a major topic of aquatic research. Although pollen represents a good substrate for microorganisms, it has been neglected as a terrestrial source of organic matter in lakes. In laboratory experiments, we incubated pollen grains of(More)
Seasonal changes in environmental conditions have a strong impact on microbial community structure and dynamics in aquatic habitats. To better elucidate the response of bacterial communities to environmental changes, we have measured a large variety of limnetic variables and investigated bacterial community composition (BCC) and dynamics over seven(More)
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