Stefan Priebe

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BACKGROUND Based on experiences and empirical evidence gained in studies using the Lancashire Quality of Life Profile (LQLP), the Manchester Short Assessment of Quality of Life (MANSA) has been developed as a condensed and slightly modified instrument for assessing quality of life. Its properties have been tested in a sample of community care patients. (More)
Prevalence rates of depression and anxiety among migrants (i.e. refugees, labor migrants) vary among studies and it's been found that prevalence rates of depression and anxiety may be linked to financial strain in the country of immigration. Our aim is to review studies on prevalence rates of depression and/or anxiety (acknowledging that Post-traumatic(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish whether reinstitutionalisation is occurring in mental health care and, if so, with what variations between western European countries. DESIGN Comparison of data on changes in service provision. SETTING Six European countries with different traditions of mental health care that have all experienced deinstitutionalisation since the(More)
BACKGROUND No instrument has been developed specifically for assessing the clinician-patient therapeutic relationship (TR) in community psychiatry. This study aimed to develop a measure of the TR with clinician and patient versions using psychometric principles for test construction. METHOD A four-stage prospective study was undertaken, comprising(More)
INTRODUCTION This paper reviews studies on outcomes of involuntary hospital admissions in general adult psychiatry, and predictors of outcomes. METHOD Studies assessing observer-rated clinical change and self-rated outcomes were identified. Relevant databases were searched and authors were contacted. Studies were classified according to quality criteria.(More)
CONTEXT War experience may affect mental health. However, no community-based study has assessed mental disorders several years after war using consistent random sampling of war-affected people across several Western countries. OBJECTIVES To assess current prevalence rates of mental disorders in an adult population who were directly exposed to war in the(More)
PTSD is a frequent subject of empirical psychiatric research. There is, however, little knowledge about the efficacy of treatment methods. In this review, general therapeutic guidelines and common components of different psychotherapies are described. Approaches of behaviour, cognitive, psychodynamic and hypnotherapy are outlined. Controlled studies show(More)
BACKGROUND Outcomes reflecting the social situation are widely considered as important in the treatment of people with schizophrenia. AIMS To review concepts of social outcomes in schizophrenia and the corresponding assessment instruments. METHOD Non-systematic literature review and reflection on conceptual and methodological issues. RESULTS Concepts(More)
BACKGROUND Health services across Europe provide health care for migrant patients every day. However, little systematic research has explored the views and experiences of health care professionals in different European countries. The aim of this study was to assess the difficulties professionals experience in their service when providing such care and what(More)
BACKGROUND Symptom improvement in Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is more common than previously hypothesised. However, it remains unclear whether it reflects service users' personal goals of recovery. The present study aimed to explore what service users with BPD view as recovery. METHODS 48 service users were recruited from secondary mental health(More)