Beat P Kneubuehl1
Markus Grosse Perdekamp1
Carola A Haas1
1Beat P Kneubuehl
1Markus Grosse Perdekamp
1Carola A Haas
1Michael Frotscher
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The reelin signaling pathway plays a crucial role during the development of laminated structures in the mammalian brain. Reelin, which is synthesized and secreted by Cajal-Retzius cells in the marginal zone of the neocortex and hippocampus, is proposed to act as a stop signal for migrating neurons. Here we show that a decreased expression of reelin mRNA by(More)
Apart from one article published by Rabl and Sigrist in 1992 (Rechtsmedizin 2:156-158), there are no further reports on secondary skull fractures in shots from captive bolt guns. Up to now, the pertinent literature places particular emphasis on the absence of indirect lesions away from the impact point, when dealing with the wounding capacity of(More)
In a knife attack the perpetrator can unintentionally injure his own hand, if the knife does not have an adequate handguard and the tip of the blade hits a solid, mostly bony structure while being violently thrust into the victim's body. The injuries occurring under these conditions are localized on the flexor side of the knife-holding hand and may include(More)
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