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The reelin signaling pathway plays a crucial role during the development of laminated structures in the mammalian brain. Reelin, which is synthesized and secreted by Cajal-Retzius cells in the marginal zone of the neocortex and hippocampus, is proposed to act as a stop signal for migrating neurons. Here we show that a decreased expression of reelin mRNA by(More)
Human parvovirus B19 has been linked to a variety of cardiac diseases, as well as to erythema infectiosum, acute arthropathy, and fetal hydrops. A causal association between viral infection and cardiac disease was frequently postulated following the detection of B19 DNA by PCR in endomyocardial biopsy specimens. Since the lifelong persistence of B19 DNA in(More)
In this paper we propose the channel assignment scheme for multi-channel wireless mesh network (WMN), where each mesh router is equipped with multiple radio interfaces. In real WMN the number of radio interfaces is much higher than the number of non-overlapping channels, which causes a lot of connections between mesh nodes operate on the same radio channel.(More)
Some women reporting a sexual offence to the police inflict injuries on themselves, usually with the help of pointed and/or cutting tools, in order to make fictitious assaults more credible. If there is a classical pattern of the findings, such fictitious assaults are easier to identify. However, it is more difficult to distinguish genuine from fictitious(More)
Apart from one article published by Rabl and Sigrist in 1992 (Rechtsmedizin 2:156-158), there are no further reports on secondary skull fractures in shots from captive bolt guns. Up to now, the pertinent literature places particular emphasis on the absence of indirect lesions away from the impact point, when dealing with the wounding capacity of(More)
Criminal and pathological arson is often committed with the help of fire accelerants. The formation of an explosive gas/air mixture may lead to an explosion whose extent and fierceness is often underestimated by the offenders. This explosion causes typical heat changes on exposed persons: * Singeing of eyelashes, eyebrows and hair growing near the frontal(More)
Suicidal shots fired simultaneously to the head from two handguns are rare. The authors report about a recent case in which a Smith & Wesson cal. 9 mm pistol and a Smith & Wesson cal. .357 Magnum revolver were used. Sitting on a sofa, a 33-year-old man (member of a shooting club) fired two simultaneous shots to the head; the pistol held in the left hand was(More)
In a knife attack the perpetrator can unintentionally injure his own hand, if the knife does not have an adequate handguard and the tip of the blade hits a solid, mostly bony structure while being violently thrust into the victim's body. The injuries occurring under these conditions are localized on the flexor side of the knife-holding hand and may include(More)