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Hairy root cultures were obtained from diploid and induced tetraploid plants of Datura stramonium and analyzed by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. Twenty alkaloids (19 for diploid and 9 for tetraploid hairy root cultures) were identified. A new tropane ester 3-tigloyloxy-6-propionyloxy-7-hydroxytropane was identified on the basis of mass spectral data.(More)
Two isochinoline alkaloids, glaucine and oxoglaucine were investigated for their suggested anti-inflammatory influence concerning nitric oxide and cytokine production. Mouse peritoneal macrophages were stimulated with different Toll-like receptor (TLR) ligands such as LPS for TLR4, zymosan for TLR2 and CpG for TLR9. The alkaloids inhibited TNF-alpha and(More)
The phytochemical investigation of the aerial parts of Papaver pseudocanescens M. Pop. of Mongolian origin resulted in the isolation and structural elucidation of 8 alkaloids of the isoquinoline and promorphinane type. 8,14-Dihydroamurine, 8,14-dihydroflavinantine, and flavinantine are promorphinanes. Alborine, mecambridine, and mecambridine methohydroxide(More)
A comprehensive experimental study of mid-IR laser tissue ablation within the water absorption peak is presented. A novel all-solid-state table-top sub-ns mid-IR laser designed for efficient tissue ablation have been used for observation of wavelength-dependent effects on the ablation of hard and soft tissue.
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